Conservis: Solve problems with farm management software

Pat Christie, Founder, ConservisPat Christie, Founder,Conservis
Solve problems with farm management software

Our farm management software helps solve problems for farmers. It revolutionizes recordkeeping on the farm, giving growers access to accurate, real-time data. It helps track everything that's going on in one place, which is especially helpful throughout busy seasons like harvest. The software tracks loads closely so mistakes are caught, preventing loads of grain (i.e. money) from being lost. Our system gives operations efficient, seamless communication with everyone involved on the farm, from workers and managers to those in the office. The ability to generate quick and accurate reports for stakeholders is another well enjoyed feature that keeps everyone in the know regarding what's happening in the fields.

Our system gives operations efficient, seamless communication with everyone involved on the farm, from workers and managers to those in the office

Unprecedented support and service

Farm management software is powerful, but it’s only part of what we offer. We have a statement we call the Conservis Truth: “Technology is only as good as the people standing behind it.” We think of ourselves as less of a tech company and more of a service company. It's in our name, after all. Our goal isn't to sell farmers fancy technology. We want to bring sustainability to the farm and partner with farmers in that.
  • Technology is only as good as the people standing behind it

To that end, we don’t sell a solution and then drive away thinking “good luck!” We team up with our customers to ensure success for the long haul. From set-up on through, our Customer Success team makes sure our tools are working well and even optimally for each farm. Partnering with our farmers and maintaining those ongoing relationships is something we're very proud of, and our customers value it highly. I remember Andrew Wiens, a long-time customer, said our customer service is the best he’s seen with any company, ever. That’s what we’re aiming for, it’s a big part of what we do.

Farmer-inspired and farmer-driven

There are lots of technology point solutions for the farm today, but they don’t have the boots on the ground relationship to the farm we’ve had since the beginning. We're excited about our tools because of their power to connect the dots from operations to finance and beyond. And we’re confident in that, because farmers’ input has informed our product development from the beginning and continues to all the time.

It’s a big deal to solve problems that matter to farms. Farmers don’t need more headaches and complications. We’ve been listening to farmers since day one, and we continue to cultivate those relationships, which often end up improving our processes and products accordingly.

Recent developments at Conservis

Conservis has some exciting things on the horizon. Last year we released our Zone Economics platform, which gives growers the ability to analyze at the field level and really hone in on ROI in different areas, even within the same field. In a time of thin margins, growers appreciate the ability to drill down and see costs and results. We also recently finalized a partnership with Rabo AgriFinance. When lenders and growers can work together and access good, real-time data throughout the year, it’s a win for efficiency and sustainability on the farm. This partnership will help smooth the way for growers as they work to stay profitable into the future. Aaron Lee, another long-time customer, told us this partnership is “at the forefront of what the industry needs.” We think so, too.

Prepare for the future

We are at the end of the beginning of the first decade of agtech - now at the tipping point of the emerging digital farm, with sustainability and profit pressures accelerating adoption. The digital farmer will see their options more clearly and be in position when it’s time to act and harvest opportunity.
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